Men's & Women's health

Incontinence can occur in both men and women from having limited mobility, taking certain medications, urinary tract infections, as well as disease processes such as cancer.  Urgency ("I have to hurry to get to the bathroom") can also accompany this condition as well as increased frequency.  Patients may also have urine leakage when they cough or sneeze. We offer many strategies to help you overcome these issues to live a life that is no longer affected and embarrassed by these conditions. We offer private one on one care that will allow you to be comfortable while being treated for these conditions.


 Physical Therapy can help:

  •   Regain control over your symptoms

  •   Reduce the need for pads and special undergarments

  •   Provide proper diet and nutrition guidelines

  •   Decrease urinary urge and frequency

  •   Improve pelvic floor position to decrease leakage and improve function

  •   Decrease pain with everyday activities


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