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Chronic Sports Injuries

Sports injuries are common in today's active society. Due to increases in athlete's size, speed, and power and strength, greater stress is placed upon an athlete's body. Mainly including muscles, ligaments, and tendons. The key to properly treating a sports injury is to identify the complete cause, not to simply treat the area.

Depending on the type of injury you have, it can take a few weeks to a few months or more to make a full recovery. You shouldn't return to your previous level of activity until you have fully recovered, but you should aim to gently start moving the injured body part as soon as possible. Gentle exercises should help to improve the area’s range of movement. As movement becomes easier and the pain decreases, stretching and strengthening exercises can be introduced.

In some cases, you may benefit from the help of a professional, such as a chiropractor or physical therapist at our clinic. We can design a suitable recovery program and advise you about which exercises you should do and the number of repetitions to lace you back up into those sneakers!

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