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Physical Therapy Session

Washburn Clinic - Physical Therapy

Here at Focus, we want to take care of our patients to the best of our abilities. One part of this is extending our office to the Washburn area. Kristi Wachendorf, who is a Washburn local, practices physical therapy full-time at both the Bismarck location and at the Washburn clinic. Patients in the Washburn area looking to schedule an appointment with Kristi can call the Focus office.

Located on  910 Maine Ave, Washburn ND, 58577.


If you have any questions regarding what Kristi treats, questions about insurance, or any questions about Kristi herself, please use these buttons to navigate to our information pages. 

Work Out at Home
Phone: (701) 462-9904
Address: 910 Maine Ave
Washburn ND, 58577
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