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If I could fish every day I would……

Growing up in North Dakota not only taught me a deep appreciation for the outdoors, but also gave me a strong work ethic.  Through years of wrestling and outdoor manual labor, I learned the importance of staying healthy and chiropractic care.  

After attending the University of North Dakota in Grand Forks I moved to Bloomington, Minnesota for chiropractic school.  It wasn’t until after I moved to Bloomington that I realized the important role chiropractic plays in overall health. After graduating chiropractic school, I remained in Minnesota working at a clinic in St. Paul. There I learned different techniques on treating various conditions. It was during that time I also realized how much I missed the people and recreational activities of North Dakota. I had an opportunity to move back more than four-teen years ago and I have been in Bismarck ever since. 


The most enjoyable aspect of my work is not only relieving pain for people but teaching them how to gain overall health. 


I feel lucky to be able to work doing what I was meant to do, in a place I was meant to be. I still don’t get to go fishing every day but i do get to spend time with my family and teach my kids what I loved about growing up here. 

Dr. Kelly Remillard

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