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Focus Through The Years

Our location has always been a chiropractic facility.  It was built in the 1980’s and has gone through three ownership changes to date.  The current owner, Dr. Kelly Remillard, came to Bismarck in 2003 as an employee of Focus Chiropractic.  He had been practicing as a chiropractor in Minnesota a couple years after graduating with a Doctorate in Chiropractic. He decided it was time to move back home to North Dakota.  After a few years of building a strong and reliable practice, an opportunity presented itself to purchase the business in March 2005.  

Since that time Focus has continued to grow.  We have always visioned more than just chiropractic.  For a few years our basement was a private gym.  Dr. Kelly decided massage was a much needed service for his patients and it was soon added. As time went on, and patient needs grew, a passion was ignited to add physical therapy.  We continue to add to our team and services to meet many health needs of our patients.  

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