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I started my nursing career caring for infants in the NICU and grew my career into working as a case manager.  This taught me a lot about insurance and billing.  As a nurse you know you love patient care.  What came as a surprise was finding I enjoyed billing successfully which allows patients to receive the quality care they need.  At Focus, I get the opportunity to do both, billing for chiropractic and physical therapy and patient care.   I enjoy getting to know our patients and being a part of their life.

Growing up on a farm, I had many opportunities to see a chiropractor. I understood at a very young age, the importance of chiropractic care. As a nurse not only did I enjoy the power of healing through medicine but also cherished the miracle of the body healing itself. I was fortunate enough to meet Dr. Kelly who shares similar philosophies not only in life but in practice.

We enjoy watching our two children grow. Not only are we teaching them a love for chiropractic, but also for the outdoors spending many weekends at Lake Sakakawea.

Kristy Remillard

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